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      Activity Calendar

      2019-2020 Thaiwoo Winter Events

      Thaiwoo is about to present a series of eye-catching events and activities throughout the whole 2019-2020 snow season. Let’s now take a quick look at them.

      2019 Thaiwoo Summer Events

      This summer will be shining up with more plentiful and colorful events!


      Alpine Lodge is located half way up the mountain near the Gondola lift mid-station at an altitude of 2,003m. This featured restaurant, which covers an area of 1,000m2, consists of one level above ground, one level underground and a wide outdoor terrace.It can hold up to 700 people dining at the same time (indoor & outdoor)and serves authentic Austrian cuisine. Here at Alpine Lodge, you may enjoy the spectacular snow views and featured delicacies.

      Business Hours: 10:00 - 17:00 

      Average Spend: RMB100/person


      Thaiwoo Hotel is a four-star boutique hotel designed by the renowned interior design firm HBA, featuring comfort living and guest-orientation. The hotel has 180 comfortable and large-size guestrooms with luxurious floor-to-ceiling windows for guests to enjoy the splendid snow views. Apart from comfortable beds, walk-in closets and other medium and premium furniture...

      Thaiwoo-Phenix to Present Compet

      Phenix was first established in 1952, and since then it has been committed to all extreme skiing sports with the objective of offering skiing enthusiasts the best service and experience through its products.

      Film Box Theatre

      Film Box Theatre is a place where guests can enjoy their leisure time. There will be a variety of performances and shows including movies, stage drama, talk shows etc played here. The capacity of the theater is 150 persons